Chipotle: All about this sassy pepper!

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Everybody knows about Chipotle peppers, right? Everyone must have tasted the flavorful pepper. But, the question is, what are they? Chipotle peppers are simply jalapenos that have been ripened until red, smoked, and dried. It makes us wonder if it is just jalapenos, then how the pepper "Chipotle '' got its name. Chipotle comes from the Aztec words poctli ("smoke") and chilli ("hot pepper"). That's right, it's more or less a smoked pepper. Chipotle peppers are popular in Mexican dishes and are available in two varieties: Morita and Meco.

It's interesting, isn't it? 

Let's dig deeper into this spicy yet delicious pepper.

Flavour Profile of Chipotle: Sweet or Spicy?

Chipotle Flavour

Chipotle Peppers are typically smoky with moderate heat levels. Smoky and spicy in taste, these peppers have an underlying sweet note and umami flavour.  

Sshhhh…🤫It is actually smoked Jalapeno!

Making of Chipotle Peppers

Yes, you heard it right. All chipotles begin as jalapenos. Chipotle is an unripe jalapeno left on the plant until it develops a ruby red color and becomes semi-sweet. It is then lightly smoked and dried. 

How hot is Chipotle Pepper?

Chipotles are pretty spicy, but they won't kill you with the spiciness level. As is expected, its Scoville units (yes !! you heard it right. This is how we measure the spicy index) fall in the same range as those found in a regular jalapeno. So, if you can bear jalapeno, then you will love Chipotle for sure!! 

Want to try Chipotle Pepper flavour?

The savouriness, smokiness, and spicy notes of Chipotle peppers can be best imparted in certain dishes when consumed in this way.    

a. In mouth-watering array of spicy dips and sauces 

Chipotle Sauce and Dips

Deep-fried and finely diced chili oil or sauce produced from roasted Chipotle chilis, garlic, nuts and seeds are worth trying with your favorite dumplings or baos. For a kick of flavor, add chipotle pepper to Salsa, cheesy dips or even in your desi lip smacking chutneys. 

b. As flavorful marinade for barbecuing

An enticing barbecue dish calls for a smoky and spicy marination. What could be better than Chipotle chilli paired up with some lime, garlic, brown sugar or herbs to level up your marination game. Whether it's paneer, meat, or vegetables, it adds a hot & robust flavor to barbeque.  

c. Chips

BRB Popped Potato Chips - Sweet Chipotle

One of the world's most loved potato chip flavors is the flavor of chipotle, which is popular in many countries due to the combination of hot, smoky, and robust notes it delivers. It's okay if you can't find Chipotle in Indian markets or making these dressings, dips, and sauces seems too much hassle, we can help.

With BRB Spicy Chipotle Popped Potato Chips, you can taste every hint of Chipotle without any hassle! 😋🌶️

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