What's Popped?

Not fried, not even baked, but POPPED!

Zero oil used in cooking, just heat and pressure.

Garnished with flavourful seasoning & a dash of rice bran oil.

It's Leggit!


*Applicable on Popped Potato Chips only.

Popped Potato Chips

Popcorn chips

Customer Reviews

No Mo' greasy chips!

Superhero fails on his mission!

Spidey🕸️ launched his web services online! 🚫 But his mission was an epic fail. cuz 👉🏼 Greasy fingers 👐!!⚡He s now got the #NotBaked #NotFried #smartphonefriendly upgrade 👉🏼 BRB #PoppedChips

Here's the #unboxing video you've all been waiting for! The new 📱 phone does break!

Upgrade your chips, not your phone 👉🏼 get #smartphonefriendly grease-free 👐 BRB #PoppedChips that ensures a non-slip firm grip!

Cut the relationship drama! Reply to all her texts right on time!

Get the #smartphonefriendly BRB #PoppedChips 👉🏼 super low on oil, fats & calories to keep your 🙌🏻 grease-free and glued to your partner's texts. True love in solo pack, squad pack & XXL tub 🥰😍