At BRB, we are on a mission to liberate you from the tyranny of the same old, boring, insipid snacks. We are pushing the envelope on product innovation to upgrade your snacking game to the next level. We are unapologetic about snacking. For us, taste and flavour are front and centre. We don’t judge. We don’t preach. We will certainly not guilt trip you every time you reach out for another chip.

BRB is the great escape. Escape from boring. Escape from banality, from awk- wardness. From plainstaleness, whether in flavours or in memes.

Our first range of products, BRB Popped Chips are Not-Baked, Not-Fried, but Popped. We use a cool new popping tech that makes the chips super light, extra crunchy, and really makes the flavour stand out. We’ve got these popped wonders in several unique and delish flavours.

And did we tell you that BRB Popped Chips are Smartphone-Friendly? You ask how? Cuz we are so low on oil, we don’t give you those greasy fingers. You can keep munching and keep texting, posting, and playing on your smartphone smudge-free!

So, when you gotta go snack, just hit BRB!