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We use a cool new technology called popping. Think of it like popcorn but made from potato and in the shape and with the crunch of chips. We start with 100% potato ingredients and cook them using a combination of heat and pressure with zero oil in a mini pressure cooker type of a popping machine. After the chips are popped, we garnish them with our unique and delish flavours and a little bit of rice bran oil. This makes our chips super light, extra crunchy, and really makes the flavour stand out.

BRB Popped Chips is a legit smart-snack with some serious healthy creds. First up, our chips have 60% less fat compared to the regular fried potato chips. Heck, even when compared to baked chips, BRB has around 30% less fat.

Next, every serving of BRB Popped Chips (25 gm) has roughly only 110 calories, around 20-25% lower than fried chips and nachos.

The little oil that is used in BRB chips is high quality and healthy Rice Bran Oil. Our chips have zero cholesterol and are trans fat free. The oil is never heated and only lightly sprinkled on the chips to garnish them. This also makes us one of the only healthier potato chips available in the market.

Aha, that’s a good spot – the lower oil in our chips is replaced by potato ingredients, making BRB chips more wholesome and potato-y. For the mathematically inclined, this means that BRB chips have 35% to 40% more potato ingredients than regular fried chips.

We use the highest quality Rice Bran Oil (RBO) for making BRB Popped Chips. Most packaged snacks in the market use palm or palmolein oil which have high levels of unhealthy saturated fat – we stay away from these.

RBO contains a much higher proportion of heart-healthy unsaturated fat (75%). As a result, RBO has less than half the amount of unhealthy saturated fat as compared to palmolein oil. Further, RBO is a good source of Vitamin E and also provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

There’s zero cholesterol in our chips. Yes, you read that right – zero, nought, shunya, null, zot – you get the drift.

Our chips are trans fat free as we use high quality Rice Bran Oil.

There’s a very small amount of saturated fat in BRB Popped Chips, which comes from the naturally occurring saturated fat in rice bran oil. There’s approximately 0.8 gm of saturated fat in every serving (25 gm) of BRB chips. This amount is around 80% lower than the saturated fat contained in the leading brands of fried chips due to a combination of lower amount of overall oil and a healthier oil type (rice bran oil) used in our chips.

Coz we add so little oil to our chips that your hands don’t get greasy. So you can keep gaming, chatting or scrolling on your smartphone while binging on BRB Popped Chips without having to worry about those greasy fingers. BRB gives you a smudge-free experience. Don’t just upgrade your smartphone, but also give your snacking the BRB upgrade!

Currently, we have our popped wonders in three unique and delicious flavours on popped potato chips – Bhel, Sweet Chipotle, and Salt & Pepper. We will continue adding lots of more tasty and fun flavours in the future.

BRB Popped Chips are made from 100% potato ingredients. We use a form of dehydrated potato in our popping machines. There’s no rice flour, or tapioca starch, or any other non-potato additives included in our recipe. This gives you a wholesome and satisfying potato chip and none of that rice-y taste.

Ah well, we’re glad you noticed. Each of our flavours have their own unique personality and the abbreviations denote this personality type. For example, “2M2H” stands for “too much to handle” and is the personality of our Sweet Chipotle flavour due to its hot and smoky characteristics. Does this describe your personality too? We leave you to figure out the other abbreviations on your own. Do give us a shout out on Insta or FB telling us which flavour personality describes you the best.

Nope. There’s no MSG added in making our chips. Zilch. Nada.

No, we don’t add any artificial flavours or artificial colours. Some of our flavours are very complex mixtures containing tens of different ingredients to get the right taste notes, but none of them have any artificial constituents.

Yes, BRB Popped Chips are gluten-free based on the relevant regulatory requirements (less than 20ppm of gluten). All our ingredients are by design free of gluten. Further, we have also lab tested our products with no gluten detected. However, our products are processed in a plant where gluten containing products are manufactured.

All the ingredients that we use are free of gluten, nuts, milk or milk based products. The Bhel and Salt & Pepper flavours are also free of soya. However, our products might contain traces of some of these allergens as they are processed in a facility that also processes other soya, nuts and milk-based products.

We’ve got you covered on that front too! In our Squad Pack (52 gm) there are approximately 38 chips. That’s good for two to three people to share and feel satiated. For the same weight, you get up to double the number of chips with BRB as compared to the leading fried potato chips or nachos brands. Furthermore, all our chips are of the same consistent size and shape. None of those teeny-weeny little bits and crumbs that you get in a bag of fried chips. So, with BRB, there’s more chips, more sharing, and more fun for the entire squad.

A properly stored, undamaged and unopened pack of BRB chips should ideally be consumed within 9 months from manufacturing. Not that we expect a pack of these delish chips to remain unopened for this long! Once opened, we recommend consuming the pack without much delay or storing any remaining chips in an air-tight container.

BRB Popped Chips are produced in India with a lot of care and painstaking attention to quality. We have setup a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the latest European popping machinery. All our raw materials are sourced domestically from leading suppliers of the highest quality. We are a big proponent of #VocalForLocal and #MakeInIndia and are developing several new innovative, tasty, and healthier snacks for Indian consumers.

BRB Popped Chips are available across hundreds of retail stores in Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad. We will be popping up in other cities across India very soon – so watch this space. We are also available online on all the leading platforms including Amazon, BigBasket, Milkbasket, Swiggy, Qtrove, LBB Shop, Supr Daily etc. Click here for the full list.

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